Windows XP/Vista/8/10

Latest version:

2.2 (March 2009)

Ripple Tank

Screenshot InterferenceRipple Tank simulates the interference between two circular waves, for instance waves on water. You can make both still images and animations of the interference pattern. Change the separation or phases of the sources. This program is ideal for explaining what happens in a ripple tank. Suitable for high school and college students and teachers.




2D simulation of interference between two wave sources

Interference pattern with information about the waves interfering at a point on a nodal line.

2D simulation of interference between two wave sources, showing intensity instead of displacement

An intensity pattern and the intensity along a horizontal line.

A 3D simulation of the interference of two circular waves

A 3D interference pattern.


A screen shot with four simulations and the generation of an animation.


Download demo version of Ripple Tank